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Practical Uses of Radionics

Practical Uses Of the JU99 Radionics Device (Chi Generator)

The Chi Generators® (Orgone Generators®) Karl Welz

The purpose of the Chi Generator® is to energize yourself and to add power to all of your actions at a distance. You can combine the JU99 with the Astrological House Disk. You can use the JU99 for practically everything you intend to achieve: The JU 99 CE offers you an ideal method to generate precisely defined desires, for personal use as for sending energy to loved ones.

JU 99 is a bare-bones Chi Generator® (orgone generator®) for individual use that fits every budget. This extraordinary device contains all the essential parts of the larger Chi Generators®. Its excellent qualities make it a powerful utensil for all whose budget does not allow them yet to acquire a larger, stronger, and more versatile Chi Generator®, and who are very serious about achieving success part in their lives. Those who are ready to work on decisive changes towards prosperity, satisfying relationships, confidence, peace of mind and happiness.

The JU 99 CE has the ideal frequency setting of 7.83 Hz, the "Earth Frequency" or Schumann Resonance. Other generators of the JU 99 series with different frequency settings have been designed for special purposes (see below).

For the entry level, the JU 99 CE is excellent for basic energy and relaxation work and to get acquainted with life force technologies. The JU 99 CE is convenient and easy to use for any person. It certainly can be the most important utensil in every household.

You can increase the output of your JU 99 CE and enhance the energy transfer with a Transfer Couple TD 99. Keep the JU 99 turned on in your home with Part 1 of the TD 99 in front of the output pipe, while you have the Part 2 of the TC 99 Transfer Couple in your pocket. This way, you can receive the full power of astrological energy of your choice, whether you are just a few blocks away from your home or half around the globe! Naturally, you can get a much stronger power boost of your JU 99 CE with the PBT 2400: about three times its power output!

You can achieve the same effect of energy transfer when combining the JU 99 CE with any one of our radionics programs.

You can use it for any amount of time, day and night, 24/7.

Silver tubing for output: Silver is a favorite of all professionals, when it comes to energizing the body. All our Chi Generators® have silver tubing.

7.83 Hz Frequency Setting: The "Schumann Resonance", or Earth Frequency, is a favorite setting for universal purpose: According to brain wave experts, this frequency has additional multiple advantages: overcoming jet lag, counteracting mind control, easier learning, precision, and many more.

Whatever your intentions among its many potential uses, a few uses that are most important for you or all of them, the JU 99 it is designed to fit every budget, while providing this extra energy to make a decisive difference for you and your loved ones!

The following applications of this extremely useful and powerful new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, ADM technology and Manifestation Programs.

Optimize Water, Drinks and Food.Water enhancement: optimize water, charge it with chi energy.

Enhance the power of Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements, Cosmetics, etc. with Life Force

Enhance Plant Growth and Quality of Produce with Life Force:

Agriculture, gardening, house plants, lawn care, sprouting, etc.

EMF Pollution (electrosmog), DOR (deadly orgone energy), and Geopathic Stress Zones

Pet care, reaction of pets to Chi energy, Chi Generators® to enhance aquariums

You can put yourself into any brain wave state that you choose to achieve an abundance of energy, to experience a general well-being, and for physical and emotional balance

Chi Energy to Boost Sports Performance, to have an edge in sports competition, to influence individual sports competitors, for body building, martial arts, etc.

Chi Energy for Fitness, Workout and Weight Control

Chi Energy for Success Strategies in Profession, Business and Money, financial planning, career, and employment

Applications of ADM technology for business, office, management, to help affiliates and employees, for customer support, public relations, to establish methods that cause business to be more effective, for business consulting and general manifestation of success

ADM technology for success in politics, people skills and to develop and project leadership

Using the Chi Generator® for Success in Legal Matters

Using ADM technology to boost popularity, charisma and personal power of persuasion, self confidence and convincing speech

ADM technology as a means to boost love relations and friendships, attract friends and soul mates, and to cause relationships to break up

Using the ADM technology for Family and Children

Chi Generators® and ADM technology for protection against attacks of any kind and for clearings of attachments

ADM technology in your house and directed towards yourself to boost intellectual, intuitive and creative skills

Chi Energy technology to boost psychic skills, meditation, esp, remote viewing, etc.

How to boost gambling skills, stock market, betting

Using the Chi Generator® and ADM technology to increase the success of advertising and marketing. Using the Chi Generator® in your practice of NLP.

Chi Energy and ADM technology for Success Strategies in gaming, playing games, on line, in clubs and in private situations

Relocation Horoscopes and astro-carto-graphy are things of the past - obsolete!

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